Make: Bobcat Model: S70 Engine Horse Power: 23.5 hp Rated Operating Capacity: 700 lb. Tipping Load: 1,415 lb. Operating Weight: 2,845 lb. BOBCAT S70 Spec Sheet


Make: BOBCAT Model: S630 Engine Horse Power: 74.3 hp (55.4 kW) Rated Operating Capacity: 2,180 lb. Tipping Load: 4,360 lb. Operating Weight: 7,707 lb. BOBCAT S630 Spec Sheet


Make: BOBCAT Model: S250 Engine Horse Power: 72 hp (54 kW) Rated Operating Capacity: 2,500 lb. Rated Operating Capacity with Counterweight option: 2,600 lb. Tipping Load: 5,661 lb. Operating Weight: 7,825 lb. BOBCAT S250 Spec Sheet


Make: VOLVO Model: MC115C Engine Horse Power: 72.6 hp (54.5 kW) Rated Operating Capacity: 2,600 lb. Tipping Load: 5,448 lb. Operating Weight: 8,389 lb. VOLVO MC115C Spec Sheet


Make: VOLVO Model: MC110C Engine Horse Power: 72.6 hp (54.5 kW) Rated Operating Capacity: 2,250 lb. Tipping Load: 4,908 lb. Operating Weight: 8,111 lb. VOLVO MC110C Spec Sheet


Make: LIUGONG Model: 375A Engine Horse Power: 76.8 hp (57.3 kW) @2,400 rpm Rated Operating Capacity: 2,103 lb. Tipping Load: 4200 lb. Operating Weight: 7,500 lb. LIUGONG 375A Spec Sheet


Make: BOBCAT Model: S220 Engine Horse Power: 72 hp (54 kW) Rated Operating Capacity: 2,200 lb. Rated Operating Capacity with Counterweight option: 2,300 lb. Tipping Load: 4,561 lb. Operating Weight: 7,483 lb. BOBCAT S220 Spec Sheet


Make: BOBCAT Model: 753G Engine Horse Power: 43.5 hp Rated Operating Capacity: 1,300 lb. ROC with optional counterweight: 1,400 lb. Tipping Load: 2,600 lb. Operating Weight: 4,740 lb. BOBCAT 753G Spec Sheet


Make: BOBCAT Model: S100 Engine Horse Power: 35.5 hp Rated Operating Capacity: 1,000 lb. Tipping Load: 2,039 lb. Operating Weight: 4,110 lb. BOBCAT S100 Spec Sheet


Make: BOBCAT Model: 463 Engine Horse Power: 16 hp (11.9 kW) Rated Operating Capacity: 700 lb. Tipping Load: 1,405 lb. Operating Weight: 2,708 lb. BOBCAT 463 Spec Sheet

Accessible, Fast Skid Steer Rental in the Los Angeles Area

From digging out holes to transportation and general construction duties, a skid steer is enormously versatile. Particularly for smaller projects, a well-chosen skid steer can undertake almost all the construction work needed, without the requirement for an excavator or backhoe. If you only need to use a skid steer from time to time, or like the idea of avoiding maintenance and repair costs, why not simply rent a modern skid steer from us?

Branded Skid Steers for a Wide Range of Functions

We stock skid steers from Bobcat, JCB, John Deere and more. As authorized dealers for many of the top skid steer manufacturers, we know which makes and models give the best performance and efficiency. We select from only the best to form part of our rental fleet, ensuring that our customers enjoy high-caliber products that give them the results they’re looking for at a very attractive price. If you’re not sure what type of skid steer is going to work the most efficiently for your project, our expert team is always happy to make informed product recommendations.

Skid Steer Rental for Los Angeles Businesses

We are conveniently located for businesses in and around Los Angeles, operating a 24/7 service that enables every business to benefit from the equipment they’re looking for, exactly when needed. Whether you need to schedule a rental in advance, or need equipment rapidly due to failure of your existing provision, you can depend on us to have what you need ready to go. We have our own fleet of trucks, enabling us to provide the swift delivery you need to meet your deadlines.

Cost-Effective Solution for Skid Steer Rental in Los Angeles

Our aim is to give every customer a winning combination of exceptional equipment and competitive pricing. We keep costs as low as we can, without ever compromising on the quality of what you receive. If you need a skid steer that offers dependable performance for an attractive price, it’s time to give us a call at (562) 595-6555 to find out more about what we can offer.